Saturday, February 6, 2016

70 Days Until Departure...

on the  By now I've discussed my trip with many of you and I love the responses.  Some of you can't wrap your head around the fact that we have no idea where we are going. Others think that is part of the allure. Someone told me that it shows a lot about our personalities to trust someone to take us somewhere safe and to give up all control for a few weeks.

You've also asked about packing. How in the world do you pack for a trip like that?  I'm not so worried about the clothes. The short answer is - layers! It's "shoulder" season so no place should be blazing hot or frigidly cold. The real question is about the other stuff that takes up space in our luggage. Should we take electric adapters? how much, if any, laundry soap? first aid kit? food? what kind of camera? how much money? how many pairs of shoes?  WHAT IF IT RAINS THE WHOLE TIME????!!!

I'm also starting to pay attention to things I've never thought of before. How long does a 3.4oz size of toothpaste last? (We may not be able to check our bags every time we fly)  How many days can you use your deodorant before it runs out? I think I should start buying the toilet paper without the cardboard roll in the middle. Boy was I glad when I took some small rolls with me to China. I had to pay extra for more than 2 squares.

Don't worry, I've also been thinking about the fun stuff. The destinations and the adventures. Every time I see a picture of a new place, I hope we go there. Actually I've decided that I hope we go to mostly out of the way or hard to get to places that I might not ever book as a destination in itself.

My passport is in order and now it is time to get some shots. Yellow Fever! Yikes!

Stay tuned....60 days out we will be given our departure point from the U.S. and a list of 60 countries including the ones we will visit. Doesn't really narrow it down much, does it?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Welcome to My Blog

Where in the World is Wendy F?

This blog is about my travels. I think it all started when I was born into a military family and we had to move every 3 years. I'm comfortable with new places and people. Or maybe I'm fulfilling my name destiny. Wendy is a name that began in 1904 as a character in the play "Peter Pan" and she sure wasn't afraid to spread her wings and go to new places. Whatever the case, I just have to go!  Once I came across the Travelers' Century Club list of countries, I knew I had to join that club. I'm not there yet but have finally reached the halfway point. I hope to give the second half a jump start in 2016.

You will want to bookmark this page because on April 15, I'm taking a trip around the world! Don't ask me where we are going - we don't find out each country until 4 hours prior to flight time. I'll be traveling with Sue (my mom who has been to more countries than I) on the Global Scavenger Hunt in a race to be crowned the World's Greatest Travelers! Can we do it? We are sure going to try.

One of the perks of this trip that aligns with my life-goals is charity work. We will be volunteering our time along the way and hope to raise some money for the charitable organization operated by the organizers of the trip. In the months leading up to the trip, I'll let you know how you can help.

I know this trip is not for everyone so I hope you will enjoy the ride. Maybe you will find a place or 2 you'll just have to visit.